My brain is always firing it seems, and surfing, when the conditions are ideal, calms my mind. Surfing is my therapy—not unlike Rocco!”
— Ruth Mamaril, Editor and Writer
Ruth Mamaril
Meet Ruth
Ruth Mamaril is a freelance film and video editor specializing in short format projects, including documentary-style pieces and commercials. Born in LA and now based in New York, she has worked in post-production for more than 25 years and has edited around the globe, from New Zealand to Japan. Ruth took her first surf lesson in Costa Rica, at the age of 38. Working on Rocco Up combined Ruth’s passions for film editing, surfing, and autism education. Her younger brother is autistic, and when he was growing up, people didn’t know much about autism. Ruth was fiercely protective of Jason and proud of his accomplishments. She comments, “I was, and still am, in awe of our parents’ commitment to Jason. I wish there had been surf programs for him when he was younger.” Ruth has fused her editing expertise and surf nerdiness on various projects and has volunteered for several surf organizations as an editor, photographer, event coordinator, and participant.