Meet the Family
Here are updates on Rocco’s family since the conclusion of filming in 2021. 

Rocco completed his first year at a public school in Montauk. Bob Miller and Kelly O’Brien, Rocco's special education teachers, helped him and his fellow students learn to interact together. Bob believes in “blue mind” and has run a summer surfing program for special needs children for several years.
Aurelia, Rocco’s younger sister
Aurelia, Rocco’s younger sister, found her own ocean passion last summer: sailing. She is looking forward to her second summer of sailing camp...and to deciding what she’s going to read next—having finished all seven Harry Potter books.   
Sara, Rocco’s mom, has established a neurodiversity consultancy, to help other parents with special needs children. She offers guidance for everyday scenarios, and also advises for the longer term, from cultivating a support system within the community to advocating with institutions and legislators. See her website here.
Sara, Rocco’s mom
Oakley, a black golden doodle
The newest member of the household is 85-pound Oakley, a black golden doodle. He is a certified service dog, having completed over a year of advanced training to support someone with autism. Oakley empowers Rocco’s independence, helps him socialize...and dispenses unconditional love. He cuddles Rocco to sleep every night, and then retires to his crate. 
Ben, Rocco’s dad, continues to take his son surfing almost every day. Rocco has become more adept at turning the board by himself. He’s learning the very basics of paddling on his own. The next frontier will be paddling into a wave by himself.  Due to the inspiration from his journey with Rocco and the calling to help people all over the world , he has develop the “NATURE, PRESENCE, LOVE”, formula.  It is a program that takes the magical journey of the RoccoUP film and makes it applicable to anyone, anywhere. He encourages those looking to learn more to contact him at here.