Mission Statement
One morning in August of 2021, filmmaker John Madere, executive producer Kevin McCann, my son Ben, his wife Sara, and myself huddled around a laptop on our dining room table in Montauk to watch the rough cut of John Madere’s short documentary about my autistic grandson, Rocco. We all realized immediately that Rocco Up was a rare, life-changing film—a must see for every parent of a child with special needs. I had watched firsthand how autism devastated my son’s family, and how love and dedication triumphed over tragedy and lifted up their special child higher than they ever thought possible.

Ditch Plains Productions’ mission is to bring John’s inspirational film through production and make it accessible to families with an autistic child everywhere. With Covid, it took John and editor/writer Ruth Mamaril almost three years to make this twenty-two minute documentary. We have come a long way, but we need your support to complete the launch of Rocco Up. Your generosity is much appreciated.

I know Rocco Up will give you hope. Hope not just for one day, but hope that can be sustained for years. Fight for your child. Never give up. Rocco up!

— Don Intonato, Ditch Plains Productions