Witnessing the father-son bond, which brought Rocco and Ben such joy, somehow also brought joy to spectators on the beach and in the water.”
— Kevin McCann, Executive Producer
Kevin McCann
Meet kevin
Kevin McCann is an investment banker by day, an executive producer after hours, and a perpetual surfing enthusiast. He was the executive producer of Matthew Miele’s Alan Pakula: Going for Truth, released by Quixotic Endeavors in 2019, and he is involved with Miele’s upcoming film about Bernie Taupin and Elton John. The concept for Rocco Up came to Kevin on the beach. He recalls, “When I would watch Ben and Rocco surfing together on one large board, I was both impressed by their teamwork and moved by Ben’s patience and energy. He would spend hours on end with his son in the surf, regardless of the conditions.” Kevin is also a lifelong advocate of the science-supported health benefits of being on or in the water. As Rocco Up began to take shape, Kevin encouraged director John Madere to interview Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, author of “Blue Mind,” for his insights.