Where the sand ends and there is only ocean, I see Rocco, my grandson, my sea elf, laughing, as he stands on his board, riding into six-foot waves.”
— Donald Intonato, Executive Producer
Donald Intonato
Meet Don
Donald Intonato is a surfing enthusiast, former bayman on the Great South Bay, scholar of 17th Century English literature, practitioner of Tai Chi, entrepreneur, poet, playwright, father and grandfather. He founded Ditch Plains Productions in 2022 to produce John Madere’s short documentary Rocco Up.
Don’s day job is CEO of Great Oceans LLC, a company founded to supply the U.S. sashimi craze, and now one of the largest tuna importers and distributors on the East Coast. On a daily basis, the business supports fishermen on four oceans in more than two dozen countries. Don is also a working poet and playwright. He has a regular column in the Montauk Sun, the area’s monthly magazine. Don has written several full-length plays, including the comedy-thriller The Monkey King. Sitting on Ditch Plains beach, two of Don’s great joys are watching Ben and Rocco surf together, and hearing other regulars cheer, “Rocco up!” The film has become, in a sense, a visual poem to Don’s son and autistic grandson.