Rocco is autistic, and he has always loved being in the ocean. Over the years, he develops confidence, grace, and remarkable balance on his surfboard. Challenges persist, but triumphs abound. Rocco Up is a true tale of limitless family love, the stoke of community support, and the neuroscience behind our enchantment with water. Rocco Up will lift your spirits.
When I say, 'Don’t worry, we’ll get through
this together,' I’m talking not only to Rocco,
but also reassuring myself."
Ben, Rocco’s dad
The ocean is the universal language we share, Rocco and I and the people on the beach."
Ben, Rocco’s dad
The film is also an ode to Montauk. It shows what is possible when a community stands behind a family."
— Sara, Rocco’s mom
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